WW kayaking guide to rivers in South Africa

RiverSA info

There is a small, but dedicated group of paddlers in South Africa.  We do it for the love of the sport.  To explore and see what our country has to offer.  This is an on-line guide book to get paddlers out there and to get them paddling some of the classic and some of the new runs.

The info is based on first hand experience either by myself or with guys with which I have paddled on several occasions (I trust their judgement).  That said, this is a working document/guide and your updates in the comment section is highly appreciated.  To stay safe on the rivers, do the following:

– Paddle in your skill level

– Paddle in a group (a competent group)

– Get training (first aid and rescue)

– Use common sense ( This is generally the hardest one)

– Scout when in doubt

– Keep a good boating karma (with other boaters and with the land-owners)

– Get out there and paddle

Check the Twitter feed for upcoming info.  This blog will be updated as regularly as possible.

Stay safe and boof hard!


5 thoughts on “RiverSA info

  1. Hi, it would be helpful for paddlers to post pics and videos for each section with a small description so that fellow paddlers can get a feel of what to expect. Make it instructional and educational …for others to learn of what to do and what not to do / avoid.

    Education = Safer

    • Thanks for the feedback. The videos and pick’s will follow in due time. The first step is to get a general description of the rivers and sections online.
      What would be great is to have a video for each river, but the info is not readily available and the editing takes a long time.
      We are looking at making the interface more open and this means we might have to move the blog. At the moment feedback is appreciated through the comments section. There is an e-mail you can send pics to if you have (greatly appreciated).
      The basis of the blog is for everyone to have an input. One person should not drive this, but the kayaking community should since it is in all of ours interest.
      When it comes to eduction and being safer, the best way to do this is to go on a course, paddle more (within your skill level), work on safety and learn to read rivers. A lot of the sections change with floods/logs. We try and get identify the bigger rapids and dangers, however this is not always possible.

  2. Hi there!
    Please add the lower umzimkulu (next to oribi gorge) when you get the opportunity. Some really sweet ww there! You are invited to come check out the Assegaai below Heyshope Dam just after the start of the next rainy season.

    Sweet blog. keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Franz.

      Ja, there are some awesome waves on that section and it needs to be on the guide. It is definitely on my list.

      Thanks for the invite! Will definitely take you up on your offer.

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