WW kayaking guide to rivers in South Africa

Sabie-update / Section U2 & U3 – 04/12/2012

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We paddled the U3 and U2 section of the Sabie river the past weekend.  Water levels were on the low side (8cumecs), but the whole section was do-able.

There are some logs to take note of.  On the U3 there are logs after the weir to the portage and some sections after the runnable waterfall.

There are still logs in the portage on the U2, but the rapid below the portage (steep little one) is clear.  At Hugh-twice there is still logs at the top of the rapid.  We didn’t have time to clear them.  The line left around the rock to go over the boof on the left is open, however messing up the line will take you straight into the logs.

There are still logs above double-drop, but they are easy to avoid and not really in the way.

We cleared the log at Tima-moon bridge that was blocking the right line at the slide.  The log pushed you into the rock at the bottom, but now the line is open.

There were never really any big surprises with regards to logs, but keep your eyes open at higher levels.


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